CBD Oil: Side Effects, Risks, And Other Important Information You Need To Know

Although CBD may be a new substance to you, it has been studied by scientists since the 1970s, along with its infamous sister, THC. Over the past couple of decades, politicians, patients, doctors, and lawyers have pitted the medical potential that cannabis has against its risk of being abused recreationally. However, during this time, evidence has continued to mount that CBD provides similar – or even better- medical benefits but without the “high” of THC.

Side effects based on results from high-dose clinical trails

The following side effects are frequently experienced:

– Altered live enzymes (for more about liver enzymes, see the following section)
– Gastrointestinal problems
– Decreased appetite
– Tiredness

For a majority of patients, those side effects arose during the first couple of weeks when they were quickly increasing their dosage. Typically the symptoms subsided once their dosage was stabilized, and reducing the dose also was an effective way to decrease undesirable side effects. Therefore, if you experience any of those side effects from the CBD product you are currently using, you may want to try experiment waiting for a week, and then reducing your dose or try to use an entirely different kind of product.

The following are conditions that may deserve special consideration.

YOu are taking prescription drugs. Different pharmaceutical drugs get processed by the body in various ways; some are not as effective after they have been processed, and others are not effective until they are processed. CBD, similar to grapefruits, can occupy enzymes such as cytochrome p450 that are used by your body to process some pharmaceutical drugs. When CBD is taken along with those pharmaceuticals, a health risk could be posed by either decreasing or increasing the medication levels within your bloodstream. If you are taking any prescription drugs currently – especially any with a warning to not take with grapefruit such as chemotherapy, HIV antivirals, anti-epileptics, warfarin, and others – then we recommend that you consult with your doctor before CBD is incorporated into your wellness regimen. They can help you understand how to proceed and potential interactions.

You have liver complications. This is a speculative warning, but individuals with liver problems may want to be cautious about their intake of CBD. If you are suffering from liver issues or taking medication that may be hard on your liver, then you may want to have your liver enzymes monitored when CBD is introduced into your daily regimen.

You suffer from low blood pressure. There are some studies that have reported that blood pressure is lowered by CBD. That can be a concern for individuals who have low blood pressure already. Overall, it appears that CBD is most effective at lowering blood pressure during events that are stressful. This has been widely embraced as being one of its greatest benefits. However, CBD might temporarily reduce your resting blood pressure also. If you are suffering from hypertension, you may want to have your blood pressure monitored when increasing your dose or trying out a new CBD product.

You are breastfeeding or pregnant. When breastfeeding or pregnant, everything is shared by a mother with her growing infant. Active molecules within the bloodstream of the mother can pass to her baby’s body via both the breast milk and placenta. Broad screening has revealed that cannabinoids may be detected within the stools and umbilical cords of newborn babies. And low cannabinoid levels may be detected in the breast milk of those who use cannabis on a regular basis.

You would like to use CBD to replace your current treatment. We love CBD and a countless number of enthusiasts have reported that they were able to reduce their pharmaceutical intake with help from CBD. However, please do not substitute any of your prescribed treatments or current medications with CBD unless a medical professional approves it.

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