How Long Can Your Vape Coils Last?

Vape Shops Near MeThe way you vape and treat your coils can extend their lifespan significantly. In general, new coils will last from one to two weeks. However, you can extend this by breaking in new coils properly after getting them and then practice good maintenance and care procedures between and during usages.

Over time, this will save you money (since you spend less money on new coils overall) and actually provide a more desirable, fresher flavor throughout the usage of each coil.

You will notice that its time for your vape coil to be replaced after you start to experience a burnt taste while using. A dry or burnt hit will take place when you don’t have a sufficient amount of vape juice for the coil to heat properly. Instead, since there is juice to heat up, the wicking material is heated by the coils which can result in the material being used up faster and an undesirable vaping experience. This can be avoided by the following:

– Priming your vape coils is similar to a new car’s break-in period. It allows the coils to settle into their regular operating conditions prior to adding e-liquid.

– Do not over-press the firing button. Instead, use your vaporizer’s puff timer to learn when to release and hold the firing button. To find your sweet spot, pay very close attention to how your vape tastes. If your vape comes with advanced ramp-down and ramp-up features, then use them to narrow its vaping window. That will prevent you from creating a dry hit accidentally after you have finished inhaling.

– Wait three to five seconds in between hits. Before your coil is ready to generate more vapor, it needs to absorb more e-liquid and cool down. If you fire too fast, it may leave your coils dry in between hits without being aware of it.

– Don’t allow your tank to run empty. Letting the tank drain down to the bottom before refilling it is just asking for trouble. Refill it when it gets to the quarter-tank mark so that you don’t ever experience dry fire.

– Whenever possible, remain at lower wattages. Unless you are actively competing or working on a trick, normally there isn’t much of a reason to vape at 200W-plus. That would be like driving everywhere you went at 200 miles per hour. Instead, for most of your daily vaping you can get by just fine at 55W to 80W without missing out on a thing.

Clean your vape coil regularly

Once the coil is installed you should not ignore it forever. Depending on how frequently you vape, often the coil will collect gunk (similar to a filter) after a couple of days. Vaping continuously without cleaning this gunk out will negatively impact flavor and taste. You can clean your easily with thee steps:

– Blow excess juice out: As long as there is old juice in the coil, you won’t ever get it totally clean. It is important to remove as much juice as you can to get the cleanest possible coils.

– Rinse your coil under running hot water: It washes any half heated liquid or leftover debris away that is stuck to the sides.

– Shake the water out: Shake any water out gently that is sitting in between the coil wraps. Then allow the coils to air dry on an absorbent material like a paper towel. Give plenty of time to the coils to completely dry before going onto the next step. If you don’t, the coils might heat unevenly during the next step in the process.

– Attach coils to the vaporizer: Put the coils in place and then press the firing button until it completely heats up. Just like when you build coils for the very first time and be sure they evenly heat across all the wraps. Watch for signs of anything heating unevenly and ensure it is dry and clean.

– Repeat the heating process: Let the coils cool down for four to five seconds. Then fire them up again. The process causes the coils to contract and expand, and ensure they are cleaned completely before e-liquid is added back in.

– Rebuild the vape: Fill up your tank and resume vaping normally. Your vape should have a cleaner taste now as you did with brand new coils.

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