Misconceptions About E-Cigarettes And Vaporizer Pens

Misconceptions About E-Cigarettes And Vaporizer Pens

Although the e-cigarette industry is now worth over $2 billion dollars, and it has been deemed by many to be an extremely healthy alternative to smoking traditional tobacco products, there are still many in the public who are intent on continuing a smear campaign against these products. The FDA has made several recent rulings that have placed even more restrictions on the product. There are several misconceptions regarding e-cigarettes and also some frequently asked questions including the length of time it takes to charge a vaporizing pen.

Two Different Types Of Products Are Considered E-Cigarettes

vaporizer store near meChances are those who are new to vaping have been misinformed about e-cigs and the vaping process. One of the most common misconceptions is that all alternative smoking products are e-cigarettes. In fact, the more well-known e-cigs such as Blu and Vuze are similar in shape to traditional cigarettes. They have pre-filled flavor cartridges that must be replaced.
However, it has been determined that most people who quit smoking traditional cigarettes in order to vape as an alternative do not actually use these types of products. They are considered a simpler and healthier alternative to cigarettes.

When you visit an actual vape shop, you will quickly notice that instead of the analog e-cigarettes that are sold in convenience stores, these shops sell vape pens and vape mods. These products are also referred to as Advanced Personal Vaporizers, and they are mainly manufactured by Chinese companies.

Most users are introduced to mass marketed vaping products first that have more nicotine, and eventually become satisfied with a vaping device that offers more flavor and less nicotine as their nicotine dependency decreases.

These products are also electronic, and this allows the user to control the level of power and the amount of vapor that is released from the vaporizer pen. Vape users often question how long does it take to charge these pens to ensure their products remains efficient and in working condition.

There Are No Mystery Ingredients In E-Liquid Products

All e-liquids begin with a vegetable glycerin base. This is primary base of the product. Most manufacturers of e-liquids use organic and certified vegetable glycerin. Although this type of base is not able to hold a lot of flavor, it can produce a large amount of vapor.
The next ingredient that is added is propylene glycol. Even though many people confuse this with the chemical that is in antifreeze, it is not. Diethylene glycol is the chemical that makes up antifreeze, and has actually been found in several different brands of e-cigarettes. Propylene glycol is used in products such as asthma inhalers and it is perfectly safe to inhale through vaping.

Flavorings are added next to the e-liquid, and it is the propylene glycol that makes it easy for the product to hold in flavor. All of the flavorings are healthy for users because they are natural and artificial food grade.

The last ingredient that is added to e-liquid is nicotine. This is a pharmaceutical grade of nicotine, and different manufacturers use varying amounts of nicotine in their e-liquids.

Vaporizer Pens Do Not Take Long To Charge

Vaping devices have advanced since their introduction into the industry a few years ago. Most vaporizer pens are portable and many come packaged with a dead battery that has to be charged before the vaporizer can be used.

Once the battery has been plugged into a USB port, the charging light indicator will be red. When the vaporizer is fully charged, the light will turn green to let you know the device is ready to use. Depending on the size of the vaporizer, it can take 1 to 4 hours for the device to be charged completely.

Vaping Is Effective In Helping Smokers Quit

As the industry continues to grow, those critical of vaporizers have to concede that there is evidence these products are effective in helping smokers in their fight to stop smoking cigarettes. In fact, these products have been determined to be more effective in helping smokers decrease their need of nicotine than nicotine patches and gum.

Vaporizer pens are effective tools for smoking cessation and to help users eliminate their need and desire for nicotine. These pens can be fully charged after 1 to 4 hours, depending on the brand, and can provide an enjoyable vaping experience.


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