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There’s Something You Should Know about Clone Vape Mods

Best Vapor Shops Near MeAs the name implies, a clone vape mod is a replica of another vape mod. Many times these are designed to look and feel in every way like a more expensive brand mod. To the inexperienced eye, they can be impossible to distinguish.

In addition to looking exactly like the very expensive vape mod, a clone mod will only cost a fraction of what the original mod costs. So, they look the same and can function the same, but costs are different, you may be wondering if there is some sort of catch.

The Truth About Clone Vape Mods

To put the matter simply, clone vape mods are cheap. They have cheap price tags, cheap materials and cheap construction as well.

The Problems with Cheaper Materials and Cheaper Build Quality

If you buy a vape mod made from the original manufacturers, you will be getting a top-notch item that has been designed and created with quality and performance in mind. The goals of the counterfeit are clever imitation and cost-effective production. So even though the clone mod will look like the real deal, upon closer examination, the flaws in the design will be revealed.

The lack of quality reaches all the way down to the type of batteries used. All vape mod will use the same type of lithium-ion battery that will degrade as time goes by. Clone vape mode will find the cheapest battery they can source and these always degrade the fastest which can pose a risk to your vaping practices.

Furthermore, the clone vape mod is not subjected to quality control. The most reputable manufacturers of vape mods will always have their products passed through the QC department that ensures that each product adheres to the highest levels of manufacturing standards. This is the problem with the clone mods, there are no standards – beyond impersonation.

They’re Not Regulated – when you buy from a reputable brand or provider you can be sure that their products have been regulated. These safety features are there to prevent your unit from any kind of malfunction and these will also keep you safer when you are using them.

A manufacturer of clone mods will not have any such incentive to apply these safety features for the simple reason that their business is not regulated. This doesn’t mean that all clones and mods will have safety features, but you will never know for sure unless you buy original products.

Vape explosions are getting more and more attention from the media these days and you don’t want to star in the next viral story. With this in mind, it pays to take the time to scrutinize the options you will be buying and ensure that the ones you choose follow safety standards closely. There are even lawsuits happening and cases of personal injury are taking the stage in the vaping scene. Reputable manufacturers are the safest way to avoid these issues.

Avoiding Clone Vape Mods – it may seem difficult to distinguish the genuine articles from the fakes but it is possible to avoid buying a clone. Here are some tips:

Avoid eBay, Craigslist, and Swap Sites – Just as the clone mod option can be tempting because it is so cost-effective, buying on eBay and other Third Party sites can be just as tempting, if you want to be absolutely sure you aren’t buying a clone, it would be best to avoid the unverified third-party providers.

Don’t Buy Mods from Vape Shops Unless Certified – just like avoiding unauthorized online providers, you should also be careful when buying from vape shops that are not registered providers. These places also offer their products at unbelievably low prices but these can often be clones they’re adding to boost inventory at a cheap cost. They may be offering legitimate deals, but unless you know for sure you take a risk.

Buy from Reputable Sellers – in line with the last two points, you will be able to save yourself from considerable risks by always dealing with a reputable seller of top-quality goods. Take your time to do your homework and check the partnerships of the provider you will buy your mod from. A reputable provider will often offer a guarantee and return policy. Furthermore, if you see a site has a very transparent policy with their products and a good record of customer satisfaction, you are probably in good hands.

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