This Is What Will Happen When You Switch From Smoking To Vaping

Switching to vaping from tobacco offers a lot of benefits that are too good to pass up. Those who do it can enjoy a much healthier, happier way of life. The benefits don’t take long to take effect. Are you ready for a healthy switch!
It doesn’t take too long for your body to start recovering from cigarette use. After only eight hours you will notice a healthier feeling as your oxygen levels stabilize to that of a non-smoker. Healthy oxygen levels are vital to the health of the human body.
Carbon dioxide was not meant for the human body in large amounts. After 24 hours, your body will start reducing the amount in your blood. At 24 hours, your lungs will begin a Detox. They’ll start getting rid of all the toxins and built up mucus that smoking creates.
Your body will really start to thank you once 48 hours have paced! It takes just two days to cause significant healing. Food will taste better! Your taste buds will begin to become sensitive again so you can enjoy the flavor of your food a whole lot more. Your sense of smell will also be a lot better after a while too! The fragrances you missed while you were smoking will slowly come back to you. Take a deep Breath!
Many improvements are sure to come after all the ones you’ve made by switching to vaping within the last 72 hours. Your body will continue to become stronger for many years after smoking. Those who switch to vaping almost always notice an improvement in their breath after switching from smoking.
Staying away for at least three months shows amazing results. You’ll notice breathing that is much less laborious, the coughing will go away and you’ll have much more energy. The real result will be seen after nine months.
The long term effects of quitting smoking are what make those who quite live longer. If you stay off cigarettes for five years your risk of a heart attack will be cut in half. The more time you stay away from smoking, the less your risk of smoking again will be. Vaping doesn’t increase your risk of getting a heart attack like smoking does. Smoking attacks the cells in the heart that vape liquid leaves alone.
Your lung risk cancer will drong to half once you stay away from smoking cigarettes for ten years. The e-cigarette does not include all the carcinogens found in cigarettes. After ten years, your risk of a heart attack will reduce to what it was when you didn’t smoke. Nicotine effects the heart in much the same way as drinking caffeine does. The risk to your heart is way down!
Your health will improve as long as you stay away. You’ll feel better all around as long as you stay away from cigarettes. Everyone will want to be around you since their body will not be exposed to all the harmful chemicals that are coming from the smoke being released.

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