What are the benefits of CBD Oils?

5+ Potential Uses of CBD Oil

CBD oil is becoming steadily more popular across the nation for good reason. In fact, as of an August 2019 Gallup Poll, about 14% of US American adults use some type of CBD product.

The reasons they provide for why they take CBD vary greatly, and it’s the central theme around what we’ll be discussing today. Let’s look at the number of top uses for CBD so you can see what CBD oil is good for.

Before We Begin: Disclaimer

As a disclaimer, we want to stress that we aren’t making medical claims at any point throughout this guide. These are simply the reported experiences from CBD users, coupled with published studies and clinical trials on the same matter.

We don’t have all the answers yet, and everyone is different when it comes to CBD, but what we do see gives us hope for better understanding in the future.

What is CBD Oil Good For?

1. Potential Pain Relief

A whopping 40% of those polled reported using CBD products to relieve nonspecific types of pain. While these types of pain do vary, it appears the relief is typically focused on muscle and joint pain.

2. Anxiety

Another 20% chunk of those polled reported that they used CBD products to help with relieving various levels of anxiety. Depending on the strength, frequency, and type of product, some clinical trials suggest there may be some promise to how CBD can help with certain types of anxiety disorders.

3. Trouble Sleeping and Insomnia

Following behind anxiety, CBD oil may be good for patients with insomnia or those that have trouble sleeping. 11% of the US American adults polled reported using CBD for sleep-related ailments, finding relief better than some over-the-counter sleep aids. A large case series on CBD’s effects on both anxiety and sleep, results suggest cannabidiol may show promise in helping with both.

4. Arthritis

A smaller percentage of people reported using CBD for arthritis or inflammation at 11%, but there are various studies that have shown positive results. While many of these trials were performed on rats, it gives us a small window into what the future might look for with the potential that CBD might be effective in relieving various types of arthritis and other forms of inflammation.

5. Stress, Muscle Soreness, General Wellness, and More

There were many other reported uses for CBD, but none of a notable percentage. Trickling down past 11% for arthritis next was stress, muscle soreness, and general health, all at about 4% each.

CBD is quickly becoming better known as a product that can be utilized to help you relax as your stress melts away, loosening the muscles and alleviating potential tension, so we can see how it also may improve your general health. What we do know is that it’s been often recommended to promote overall wellness, as long as you’re utilizing a high-quality CBD product.

Wrapping It Up

CBD oil is good for quite a plethora of things, as we can see by what other adults across the nation have already started using it for. While there’s still much to learn about CBD, we do know that it has a very bright future.



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