What Happens When You Stop Smoking And Start To Vape?

vape shops near meThere are many different reasons why people make the decision to stop smoking. Whether you would like to improve the quality of your life, are trying to save money, or are concerned about your health, everyone is motivated for their own reasons to put away cigarettes!

Of course, it can be very difficult to go cold turkey. To help them quit smoking, many people switch to vaping, to slowly reduce their levels of nicotine through using e-liquids.

Once you are on the road to completely giving up cigarettes, you might discover advantages that you had not considered previously. So, what occurs when you stop smoking and start to vape? The following are a few ways your life can be transformed when you start to stop!

The motivation for most people to stop smoking is health-related. Tar that is caused by tobacco, along with the smoke that is inhaled, have numerous adverse effects on your fitness and health. Stopping smoking means:

– You will be able to breathe easier. After you stop smoking, your lungs clear, your oxygen levels will even out, and your body is rid of carbon monoxide. After about 3 months without smoking a cigarette, it can result in an increase in your lung function by up to 10%, which means you will not feel as much shortness of breath.

– At about this same time, there will be improvements in your blood circulation as well, which will provide you with extra energy.

– Despite popular belief, it has been shown by studies that when you quit smoking that stress level actually can fall. In a study by Kings College London that followed individuals quitting smoking, researchers found that lower anxiety levels were reported by each of the participants within six months.

There are also huge lifestyle benefits when you quit smoking, either by reducing your intake slowly through vaping or giving up nicotine completely.

– Since tobacco smoke may dull taste and smell, quitting altogether or vaping and not smoking can help to boost those senses. You might be quite surprised by all you have missed out on in the past!

– Your overall appearance can also be given a big boost when you stop smoking. After you cut down on nicotine and avoid tobacco smoke, you might notice less risk for yellowing teeth, reduced wrinkles, healthier nails and skin, and a reduced risk of acne.

Finally, your family and home will reap the benefits as well from your quitting smoking. When you stop smoking cigarettes or you choose to vape instead, there are a number of important benefits that you can expect.

– When you stop smoking cigarettes it will also eliminate the odor of stale tobacco from your house.

– Switching to vaping or quitting smoking means there is not a threat of a fire caused by cigarettes any longer in your home.

– Your family will not be at risk any longer from being exposed to second-hand smoke.

When you quit smoking, the health effects will start to occur almost immediately. However, since smoking is an addiction, it may take several weeks for you to start to feel better, particularly if you decide to go cold turkey.

That is why so many individuals turn to e-cigs to help them stop smoking. E-liquids cut down on your intake of nicotine gradually, ending on a nicotine-free or low nicotine e-liquid option. That makes the process easier by helping you reduce your cravings slowly until you are prepared to quit completely.

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